California native who grew up in Colorado.
Creativity was an adventure driven by curiosity.  Art was play and never work, but I managed to turn those wonder years doodling Ferrari Testarossas, great white sharks, and graffiti into an honest career.
Now I’m a graphic designer.  The work I do varies greatly depending on the need, but I consistently ground my creative process on strategic insight.  Whether reviving a classic brand or getting a new business off the ground, I help people find their unique story and build a design infrastructure to tell that story.
Strong creative and conceptual brainstorming skills.
Careful attention to detail and order.
Experience in pre-press file preparation and color separation for screen printing.
Experience in project management, art direction, and client correspondence.
Polite and friendly communication skills.
Skilled with current versions of Adobe design software.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
Capable of quickly learning any new software necessary.
Capable of working on PC and Macintosh systems.
Adobe Creative Cloud, Branding, Creative Direction, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Photo Manipulation, Product Design, Web Analytics, Web Design
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Phone - 805.452.0287
Email - chris@chris-garcia.com
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