Vail Resorts Store Signage

Vail Resorts was getting an architectural facelift in the dated Lionshead Village and needed updated window graphics to match in a few of their stores. I put together 11 large format designs to be printed out on a vinyl window application. The designs needed to be eye catching while showing movement, and yet still be able to fit within the Vail Resorts upscale aesthetic. The tricky part was that window logos could only use 20% off the overall window space to be within Vail code and Vail Resorts wanted to use up every inch of that. Vail Sports - 11 Large window graphics for Vail Sports printed on vinyl. I also created graphics for inside the kids rental shops that supported the window graphics. Vail Burton Store - Vinyl Die-cut signage on windows. Telluride Snowboard Mural - I created a mural to cover a long valance that runs overhead the entire length of a snowboard shop called The Alternative Edge in Telluride, CO. It measures 55 feet long and 3 feet tall. Window Graphics Large Format Illustration Signage

Vail Sports Window Graphics and Store Signage
Vail Burton Store Signage
Alternative Edge Store Valance Mural
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